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Recent surveys by our Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts about Careers and job changes suggest that, given the chance, about four out of 10 people would try to get a new job tomorrow and a further two might. The most popular reason given for new career choices would be to earn more money. But others want a new challenge, to do something more fulfilling, or to have a better quality of life.

If you are one of these people who might want to get a new job, what’s stopping you? Is it lack of good careers advice or career guidance? Follow my Career Consulting Career Choices.

Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts

First you must have belief in yourself and be secure in the knowledge that you have the skills and experience, qualities and attributes that will benefit a new employer.

The one who wins isn’t necessarily the one who can, but the one who thinks he can. So if you are going to make that career decision, you must think you can make the change that you want. Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts are here to help.

Belief in yourself is also about being true to yourself and your core values. Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts do not focus on short-term gains, ‘acing’ interviews or ‘finessing’ your way into a high-paying job that you’ve no real hope of holding down. The move you make must be consistent with your core values otherwise you won’t achieve that all important career satisfaction. If you get a new job by the wrong means, you’ll probably end up as one of the four in ten again – looking for another job!

So you should start your decision making process by being clear in your mind about:

  • what work you really enjoy doing;
  • what makes your work satisfying, great fun, fraught, or dull;
  • what things you are good at and want to continue doing;
  • what’s important to you – your values and career anchors;
  • and how your Career Choices affect those close to you.

You can work out the answers to these questions from Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts career advice on how to analyze your skills, your contributions and your values – then you can get a new job and your desire becomes career reality!

Simplify your job search with the Gateway Method and find a job you really want.

Career Consulting Career Change: The things you need to do?

    1. Follow all the careers advice you can get and be clear that you have the skills and capacity to present a compelling case to a new employer.
    2. Work out how you will make your case come alive by preparing scenarios and stories that colourfully illustrate how your experience brings value and benefits to the new organization.

Be prepared for disappointment – you may not get there first time – but stay positive and don’t just give up. Move on to the next one right away – follow the best carers advice from Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts

  1. Build up your network of people who can support, advise and challenge you; most people will be very pleased to help – especially our Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts.
  2. Get your CV or resume updated and reviewed by someone you trust or check to be sure it is well written.
  3. Research potential businesses that may have the right type of opportunity, but are also likely to be consistent with your values.
  4. Make sure you understand and can answer the most common interview questions, not the ones you think you should be asked. Also be sure to ask your own questions at the end of the interview so you can close the deal or simply gauge whether the opportunity is right or simply available.
  5. Make sure your writing skills are up to the task of producing not only excellent application letters and cover letters by getting this cover letter writing pack which includes how to carefully craft target letters for the direct approach to employers.
  6. Be clear how you can access the ‘unadvertised’ or hidden jobs market, by networking, research and targeting.
  7. Maintain your self confidence and optimism and never quit, give up or give in – you know you can do it, so keep going till you get a new job – the one you want and deserve.

Add Value Rather Than Taking…

A strong and differentiated value proposition can go a long way to position you to succeed in your target market as it opens the door so that someone might be willing to meet with you.

Following the ideas from our Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts, it should create a strong differentiation between you and your competitors for the same job and align your background more closely to their needs, creating interest, so that your interviewer wants to learn more from you. Focus on adding value to the prospective employer’s organisation, rather than your own career goals and you will achieve a better end result.

When you apply for a job, it is essential that you understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses and get ready to address them. By knowing your strengths and special skills, the chances of you getting the job you want will be much higher, so this is how identifying your skills will get you the job.

However, don’t get too confident since appearing to be too confident or as a know-it-all will make your interviewer think you are not the type of employee they want and unfit for the job.

Career Consulting Career Change Job Search Experts help you find your way through the career maze. Continue to Effective Job Searching